September 22, 2023, Friday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm


The Nepal Weekly
May 23, 2023

With President Ram Chandra Paudyal’s timely presentation of the government’s policies and programmes, a general scenario of what PM Dahal-led government intends to do in action during 2023-34-period is open to the public. Members of parliament have expressed their views on it; they have been joined by commentators outside the legislature. Although the document has not been able to depart from the traditionally styled framework, it has sought to address a number of problems aired by people and parties during the general election. If Prime Minister Dahal sincerely ensures a systematic and steady way of implementing the programmes and policies, they will begin to show results which people can see and feel in a short term. As for example, keeping the outpatient department of public hospitals open for services the whole day would assure people about availability of medical services. Similarly efforts to finalize the federal education policy would create an atmosphere for making people convinced about good intention of government about quality education and concerns about children’s educational future, neglected for nearly the whole first five year term of federal practice. The political will expressed in the President’s address to the joint session of the parliament could be taken as a firm commitment to action and performance. If the Prime Minister could mobilize all his ministries in Singha Durbar for action oriented approaches most of the development projects left unfinished would be completed within a few months. One honest way of earning people’s trust directly is to take the policies and programmes seriously and implement them. The same would be facilitated effectively if the budget to be presented next week makes proper financial provision for implementing the policies and programmes. The stress on implementation at the central level would duly inspire the provinces and municipalities throughout the 77 districts to do something tangible. The chain effect would further assure people about the government’s words. This would generate a positive feeling towards future. The private sector of the economy would also be motivated to do something practically to contribute to the economic development in the country. That would begin another chain action to reenergize the economy and open opportunities for employment and more production. The same would be instrumental in creating a sort of stability essential for steady economic development of the country. Neglecting the points mentioned above would on the contrary produce negative results. That is why all in government should now concentrate on implementing what has been mentioned in the Presidential presentation.