July 21, 2024, Sunday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm


The Nepal Weekly, initially published as Explore Nepal, has been catering news, views and opinions on tourism, culture, nature, environment, climate change, contemporary politics, socio-economy and so on in the national context with priority.
The Nepal Weekly was initiated in the early 1990s, when there were very few English language newspapers or magazines. We had the privilege that Supreme Leader of the Peoples Movement of 1990 Ganesh Man Singh had released the newspaper amidst a function in Kathmandu in 1992. The weekly was the first Nepali newspaper available in the Internet, thanks to the Aama Nepal Network of California, USA that had extended technical support for the
The weekly has often been publishing write ups in various environmental issues besides covering economic, political and tourism related issues. The Nepal Weekly had ventured a series of write ups on tiger conservation in Nepal in 1998 when Year of Tiger was observed. With the support of World Wildlife Fund Nepal we had been able to publish a book named Nepal Tiger for the cause of wildlife conservation. The book was successful in generating public awareness
about the conservation of the endangered wildlife.
The news paper published a write up every week throughout the year on the status of tiger, its habitat and behaviour. Senior journalist Ram Krishna Regmee and Shirish Ballabh Pradhan had put their invaluable efforts for the write ups. With the collection of the year long contributions on tigers of Nepal, the news paper was able to come out with the book, Nepal Tiger with the funding and technical support from the WWF Nepal. Nepal Tiger has been a landmark for its kind of publications in the field of wildlife conservation. The newspaper has been successful in raising the issues directly and indirectly aiming at benefit to the stakeholders. In the past, it had worked jointly with WWF Nepal (in 1998, the Year of the Tiger). Likewise, worked with Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal on the issues of
RE for Agriculture, RE Finance, RE with social justice and so on.
The Nepal Weekly had put efforts on opinion building of promotion and development of electric vehicles in Nepal. The columnist associated to the newspaper had worked hard to prepare a number of write ups on EVs and relevant subject matters. The Nepal Weekly will be available on a dedicated website soon with contemporary and
useful facilities added to access all readers.