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Sub-alliance within ruling alliance

The Nepal Weekly
August 30, 2022

By TNW correspondent

The ruling alliance, in a rather unique way, is witnessing a trend of forming a left sub-alliance within the ruling alliance. Although not clear in shape yet, top leaders have indicated that it could be a reality if Nepali Congress did not offer the alliance partners due share and attention in seat arrangement.

Some senior leaders understand the move as a  tactical measure to pressure the big party Nepali Congress to consider sympathetically leftist parties’ demand for seats in parliamentary and provincial assembly polls.

Others take it to be a move which will be undertaken after the polls for making leftist force a viable political force in the country’s politics challenging CPN UML. Those who parted ways from the CPN UML will show that they also carry value in the country’s politics.

Still others interpret the move as a measure adopted for creating some space for the top leaders who were once very famous but were later displaced. The move creates some place and designation for the forgotten leaders who do not have possibility of winning elections specially in the first past the post.

According to one insider, Prime Minister Deuba understands the move and knows its consequences. That is why he has been telling his Nepali Congress leaders that the ruling alliance should be kept well and parties will get the seats they deserve.

One senior politico warned the sub-alliance could in course of time emerge as a disrupting force in the politics following the polls. “It could bring about a number of disturbances in national politics similar to the hurdle former Premier Oli faced while presiding over the elected government some five years ago. “