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Waste cleared in the Kathmandu Valley

The Nepal Weekly
August 30, 2022
Solution-oriented garbage management: Turning Kathmandu Valley's trash into  cash - Enewspolar Enewspolar

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) authorities say that the garbage accumulated in the Kathmandu Valley for last 2 months have been transferred to Bancharedanda landfill site. As the KMC Mayor urged to lend hands for fastest removal of waste, a number of private companies and organisations had assisted provided their trucks.

However, the garbage dumped at Teku transfer station is yet to be taken to the landfill site. That will be done within this week, according to KMC.

It is mentioned that 8,000 tippers of garbage from 18 local levels of the Kathmandu Valley needed to be manage the accumulated waste which created too much stink and undesirable view at the main roads and streets. It had also caused health hazards of the residents. 

The garbage lifting was disrupted after the locals from Sisdol and Bancharedanda on the way to the landfill site. They obstructed the garbage disposal frequently demanding fulfilment of past agreements inked with the federal government and KMC. 

Seeking the peaceful solutions acceptable to the locals, the federal government and KMC, recently, the chief district officers from Kathmandu, Dhading and Nuwakot and locals from Sisdol and BanchareDanda signed a four-point agreement paving the way for garbage disposal. 

As per the agreement, the garbage carrying trucks should not let leachate leak, and not let garbage litter on the way.

It is also to note that the valley generates 1200 MT of waste while KMC alone generates 500 MT.

Currently, there are only 75 tankers with Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), which do not leak leachate. In the normal days 150 truckloads of waste is transported to the landfill site.

The waste lifting was reinstated on 12th August, and 3471 truckloads were till 28th. Keeping in view security and possible disturbances, 4200 security personnel were deployed for the waste transfer form Kathmandu Valley to Bancharedanda landfill site.