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European tourists on Annapurna footpath

The Nepal Weekly
May 10, 2022

After two years of interval, the number of tourists visiting Manang has been increasing. More than 6,000 European tourists have visited the Himalayan district of Manang since July last year. Six thousand five hundred and eighty four European tourists have come to the Annapurna footpath in the past ten months, according to Tourism Department.

Among European countries, 801 tourists have come from France, 699 from Germany, 598 from Israel, 445 from UK while 428 tourists came from India. Lekhnath Gautam, head of the Annapurna Conservation Area, Manang, has informed that 2,382 tourists entered the country in April alone and 1,231 in March. The Annapurna footpath has become the main destination for foreign tourists as Muktinath exits by crossing the Larke route after reaching Tilicho Lake via Thorangla. According to Gautam, 77 foreign tourists visit Annapurna every day. 

According to the Annapurna Conservation Area, Manang, about 77 foreign tourists are currently traveling on footpath on a daily basis. Tourists say that they are very happy to visit Nepal for the first time and to be able to walk while observing the mountain range. The Annapurna Footpath is considered as one of the 10 best destinations in the world. Lately, not only foreigners but also domestic tourists have started arriving in Manang.