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Anmol KC and Niti Shah’s mesmerizing on-screen pairing in ‘Rawayan’

The Nepal Weekly
August 8, 2023

Director Sudarshan Thapa, a well-known figure in the Nepali Cinema is all set to mesmerize audiences with his latest directorial venture ‘Rawayan’. The film promises to deliver an engaging and refreshing cinematic experience, primarily due to its unique casting choices and exciting storyline.

One of the most exciting aspects of ‘Rawayan’ is the fresh pairing of two actors – Anmol KC and Niti Shah. Anmol, who has already carved a niche for himself as a versatile actor, is ready to surprise audiences by taking on a challenging double role for the first time in his career. With his flawless acting kills and on-screen charm, Anmol is expected to bring depth and authenticity to both characters, making them memorable for the viewers.

On the other hand, Niti Shah, a popular name in the fashion and modeling industry, is making her much-anticipated debut in the world of Nepali cinema with ‘Rawayan’. Having earned tribute in the fashion field and representing Nepal internationally, Niti’s foray into acting has been eagerly awaited by her admirers. She adds a new dimension to the film’s attraction, bringing her natural charm and beauty to the silver screen. Niti’s passion for acting, completion of an acting course in Mumbai, ensures that this cinematic journey to establish herself as a notable actress.

The collaboration between Anmol KC and Niti Shah marks a significant milestone in both their careers. The chemistry between the two promising actors is expected to elevate the film’s appeal and resonate with audiences of all ages.

‘Rawayan’ itself is an action-love story that promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions. Audiences can be assured that they will be taken on a memorable journey filled with heartwarming moments, thrilling action sequences, and a compelling story.

As the film goes into production, the team is buzzing with excitement and determination to deliver a cinematic masterpiece that will leave memorable impression on the audience. The pre-production efforts are already underway; ensuring every aspect of the film receives the utmost attention to detail.

Produced under the Sudarshan Thapa production banner, ‘Rawayan’ boasts a team of skilled and passionate professionals dedicated to bringing the director’s vision to life. The film’s producer, Supriya Katwal, shares Thapa’s enthusiasm for creating meaningful and impactful cinema.

As ‘Rawayan’ commences filming, fans of Anmol KC, Niti Shah, and director Sudarshan Thapa eagerly await the magic that will unfold on the silver screen. The combination of Thapa’s directorial prowess, Anmol KC’s dual role performance, and Niti Shah’s much-anticipated acting debut promises to make ‘Rawayan’ a cinematic journey that will leave impressions in the hearts of the audience for years to come.