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Zeenat recalls gossip, false statement about her

The Nepal Weekly
July 18, 2023

Veteran Bollywood actor Zeenat Aman on Monday mentioned about false statements and gossip she has come across about herself during her acting career. Zeenat, in her latest post on Instagram, said she will continue to deal with such situations being a public figure. Her words were appreciated by many, including Kajol.

“Public perception is a funny thing. When you are famous, complete strangers imagine that they have an intimate knowledge of your character and life story. Many also feel entitled to the sort of gossip and judgement that would elicit their own moral outrage were the tables turned,” wrote Zeenat.

Recalling false narratives and hate speeches against her, the senior actor said, “In my 50 years in Hindi cinema I have read and heard enough falsehoods and cruel statements about myself to fill a book. I have no inclination to list and counter each one of these because they simply do not merit so much of my attention.

“Now I know the usual response to such an assertion is – well if you choose to be in the public eye, then deal with the gossip. To which my reply is – yes, I have and will continue to deal with it. But I will also not hesitate to say that spreading loose gossip and false information says much more about the speaker than the one who is spoken about! Alright, that’s enough lunchtime lecturing for the week! I truly appreciate all of you who enjoy my Instagram handle, and share such kind and thoughtful messages and comments with me.

Responding to her, Kajol appreciated her, saying, “Facts!” A fan said, “You’ve handled the gossip with utmost grace and dignity. You are a class apart Zeenat.”