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KMC Mayor initiates collaboration to solve the valley problems !

The Nepal Weekly
August 9, 2022

By Purna N. Ranjitkar

Almost all municipalities of the Kathmandu Valley are exposing uncollected waste every nook and corner these days as waste collection has been halted. Thus, manage entire waste generated which is alsocausing public health risks and ugliness to sites.

The road condition turns worse in the rainy season and the locals obstruct transportation of waste to the landfill site are they main problems while the federal government has been turned ineffective in extending cooperation to address the waste problem at its part. 

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) started collecting only segregated waste from Sunday, asking householders to pack their biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash separately. In a bid to smoothen waste management, KMC has taken the initiative to segregate waste at the source. Unlike in the past, the onus of waste segregation is now on households; henceforth they will be required to segregate biodegradable waste from non-biodegradable. While environmentalists have welcomed the move, implementing this new procedure will undoubtedly hit roadblocks along the way.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), LalitpurMetropolitan City (KMC) and other 16 municipalities recently met with purpose to fight common problems. Waste management, public transportation, open spaces, squatters were among the focus agenda.  

Waste management in the valley has been badly disorganised in these days.In the past also waste appear in hips time to time in the valley roadsides and corners. That happens 5 or 6 times a year mainly in the summer.

The valley generates almost 1,200 tonnes of solid waste every day, while KMC alone contributes around 800 tonnes.As such, it is clear that KMC needs to take a lead role to find a lasting solution to this menacing problem that has frequently plagued city dwellers.

Recycling waste is the highly preferred solution suggested by experts too. This practice has been adopted by developed countries, and a tried and tested measure could undoubtedly help us overcome the growing problem of waste management.

Earlier, a key figure of the ruling Province Bagmati said that the landfill site problem might be solved within 3 hours of exercise at his level. But, nothing happened in action as per the version. That means the valley mayors have to find solution.

Moreover, the locals are strongly opposing the waste to transfer through their localities and dump at Bancharedanda. They are prepared to obstruct the road to the landfill site from 1stBhadra (1stAgust, 2022).

The valley leaders, a month ago, expressed view that segregation of the waste at the source is the must and this practice can solve the problem to a greater extent. However, most households currently dump waste at a common point before it is collected, and despite the city official’s decision to levy fines on offenders who fail to comply with the current regulations, it would be cumbersome for the waste collectors to try and catch them.

The valley local level governments will be with KMC for the solutions to bring into action.

Hence, most feasible solution must bring into consideration firstly to appropriately manage waste. The transportation modality should be changed at foremost by introducing ropeway system for waste transportation to the site where, segregation, operation biogas plants to generate biogas and biofertiliser utilising the organic waste. The recyclable and reusable will be brought back to handover to proper users.

Thus, other common problems – public transportation, river training, land-use policies, open spaces, managing squatters, street vendors and other aspects – may be handled well in the leadership of KMC Mayor or any other potential leader among the elected valley leaders.  

The local government operations act also mentions the provision of collaboration of adjoining local units for common agenda. That means, KMC Mayor who is always at focus in terms of problems, finding solutions, and managing a largest population with in a local unit should take the collaborative actions for common problems should lead to materialise the ideas and recommendations lodged by experts and professionals.