June 13, 2024, Thursday
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Gurung demands action against Home Minister Lamichhane

The Nepal Weekly
May 21, 2024

Nepali Congress Vice President Dhanraj Gurung writing a letter to Speaker Devraj Ghimire on Monday, sought action against Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane for contempt of parliament.

Gurung accused Lamichhane of attempting to defame Congress lawmakers by making false and baseless allegations and failing to adhere to the Parliamentary rules.

“The home minister attempted to defame Congress lawmakers by making false and baseless statements in the House of Representatives meeting on Sunday. He exaggerated issues to mislead the general public and attacked the court’s verdict,” mentioned Gurung in the letter. “He distorted the issue of red passports,

which had already been settled by the court, to create confusion among the public.” Gurung said the Minister’s ‘unethical and baseless remarks’ are tantamount to contempt of parliament. Challenging Lamichhane to substantiate his statements, Gurung demanded that action be taken against him if he failed to show proof.

“I demand the home minister be held accountable for contempt of parliament as he failed to adhere to the conduct of a member of the House in accordance with Rule 219 of the Rules of the House of Representatives,” remarked Gurung. During his speech on Sunday, Home Minister Lamichhane said the media have reported on ‘misdeeds’ by Nepali Congress leaders and questioned whether parliamentary investigation committees could be set up in each of the cases made public by the media.