June 13, 2024, Thursday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Food Technology Dept bans 4 Indian brand spices

The Nepal Weekly
May 21, 2024

After Singapore and Hong Kong, Nepal government has also banned the four spice products manufactured by two Indian brands. Madras Curry Powder, Sambhar Mixed Masala Powder; and Mixed Masala Curry Powder of MDH Brand, India and Fish Curry Masala of by Everest Brand both, Indian brands have been banned in Nepal since May 17, 2024.

“As residue contents of Ethylene Oxide are found to be exceeding the prescribed limit in these four products, the import and sale of these products are banned within the country as per Article 19 of the Food Regulation 2027 B.S.”, the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control said in a notice issued on Friday.

“Our serious attention has been drawn towards media reports about the sale of these sub-standard products in the market and they are harmful for consumption,” the Department stated. The Department has also urged the concerned importers and traders to recall these products from the market and inform it.