May 27, 2024, Monday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Deputy PM Yadav quits govt. giving a blow to Prachanda GOvt.

The Nepal Weekly
May 14, 2024

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and Population Upendra Yadav has resigned from the post on Monday. The resignation by Chairman of JSP Nepal, Yadav, could cause set back to the Prachanda led coalition government.

Senior Madhesi leader Yadav submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda” Monday morning, according to sources close to Yadav. Along with Yadav, Minister of State for Forest and Environment Dipak Karki has also submitted his resignation.

The move comes a week after Yadav’s party split into two groups with senior leader Ashok Rai of the same party forming a new party named Janata Samanwadi Party and got recognitionfrm the Election Commission.

On May 5, Ashok Rai along with six other lawmakers and 30 central committee members of the party split the JSP-Nepal to form the new party Janata Samajbadi Party (JSP). The JSP-Nepal had altogether 12 lawmakers in the House of Representatives. Now its strength has been reduced to 5 in the HoR.

“The party’s pull out from the government will not have immediate impact on the Prachanda led coalition government,” said Sunil Manandhar, former environment minister and central committee member of ruling CPN-Maoist Centre. However, it may have some repercussion in the stability of the government in the long term, he added. The coalition still holds a majority with 77 seats of the CPN-UML, 32 of the Maoist Centre, 21 of the Rastriya Swatantra Party, seven of the newly formed Janata Samajbadi Party and 10 seats of the CPN (Unified Socialist). It requires at least 138 seats in the 275 member House of Representatives to prove majority. There are reports that Nepali Congress is trying to mobilize JSP Nepal and CPN-Unified Socialist led by Madhav Nepal to topple Prachanda led government. Nepali Congress is currently obstructing the proceedings of the House of Representatives demanding resignation from Deputy Prime Minister an Home Minister Ravi Lamichhene also the president of Rastriya Swotantra Party over the issue of cooperative fund misappropriation. If CPN-US also withdraws support from the government then Prachanda led government might need to prove his majority in the House of Representatives, point out political observers.