May 27, 2024, Monday
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Ever open market for tourism

The Nepal Weekly
April 16, 2024

Since tourism is a very important sector of Nepali economy, any tangible and positive step undertaken to promote it should be appreciated. The latest measure introduced to keep Thamel and Durbar Marga shops open for 24 hours in the best interest of tourists is really great. Although discussed for long, the theme of keeping market ever open in capital city could not see the light of the day for years. The current government has displayed some brave and foresight spirit to translate the idea into a reality. May the initiative be a success! Ever open market for tourists is not just a proposition to entertain visitors 24 hours. It is recognition of the wishes of tourists who would like to see most in a short duration. It is also a great expression of hospitality for all types of visitors- busy, time conscious and leisurely. Whatever Kathmandu can offer tourists will be available 24 hours in those two areas; tourists visiting Nepal should now not worry about closure of shops. They could plan their trip accordingly; the worries about ways to spend time in Kathmandu will no more trouble them. Thamel and Durbar Marga could be dubbed as a representative area which could keep on display whatever is available in Nepal for tourists. The 24 hour market should make sure that it serves as a window of information, services and goods for the seven provinces of Nepal. The idea to inform tourists about the whole of Nepal through one or two centres could motivate tourism entrepreneurs throughout the country. The network that it develops could fan in future to other cities the concept and practice of 24 market for tourists. Managing the scheme of 24 hour market is of course very important particularly from the perspectives of supply, maintenance and security. Entrepreneurs, local administration and others related to tourism sector should take the point seriously. All should focus on how best to render the 24 hour market project a real, positive and financial success.