May 27, 2024, Monday
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Orange declared as the national fruit 

The Nepal Weekly
April 16, 2024

The government has declared orange as the national fruit. Communication and Information Technology Minister Rekha Sharma, who is also the government’s spokesperson, informed that the orange was recognized as a national fruit at the cabinet meeting on Friday. There is an international practice of declaring national fruits for the purpose of branding domestic products within the country. Nepal has also recognized the national fruit for the purpose of branding the indigenous orange. 

The latest study conducted in the year 079/80 has found that oranges are being cultivated in 27,892 hectares of land across Nepal. According to the center’s data, 1 lakhs 85 thousand tons of oranges are produced in Nepal annually. Oranges are cultivated everywhere except Madhesh province. According to the Center, commercial farming is done in 48 districts with an area of more than one hectare. Similarly, orange contributes 0.96 percent to the total agricultural domestic product. According to the Center’s study, there is an annual turnover of 30 Arba 61 crore rupees from orange in Nepal, and direct employment is created for 7 lakhs annually. The oranges produced in the country have not been able to meet the demand. As a result, up to the end of Feb/Mar of the current financial year 080/81, oranges worth 1 Arba 10 crore rupees have been imported.