May 27, 2024, Monday
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Nepal government lifts ban on protests in sensitive areas

The Nepal Weekly
April 16, 2024

Nepal government has lifted restriction order imposed in the sensitive road section of Kathmandu where Parliament building and Prime Minister’s Offices are located. Issuing a notice on Friday Home Ministry has notified that it has lifted restrictions to gather more than two persons and organize protest shows from Maitighar Mandala to New Baneshwor area, where Prime Minister’s Office, Government Secretariat and Parliament Buildings are located effective from Nepalese New Year 2081, Baishakh 1 or April 13, Saturday.

The government had imposed restrictions to conduct public meetings, rally and assembly of two or more people in the area, a couple of months ago, in view of the sensitivity of the road section. When two political groups staged anti-government protests in the restricted area, dozens of people were injured as they clashed with the police. On Saturday National Liberation Movement and on Tuesday pro-Monarchist Rastriya Prajatantra Party had organized protest programmes in the area and clashed with the police, who tried to stop them from entering into the restricted area.

At the same time the government has warned that while organizing protests or rally in the area, if the public asset is damaged or burnt or looted the group responsible for the act will have to bear the cost. In such cases upto six months imprisonment and or fine may be imposed on the guilty, says the notice. However, it says that “the government respects the people’s right to organize peaceful protests, rally and gathering enshrined by the constitution.”