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A song that contains the story of the nation in the market

The Nepal Weekly
April 16, 2024

While many love songs are coming in the Nepali music industry, a different kind of country love song has been introduced in the market recently. The song has come to the market, covering topics such as the current state of the country, the corruption, increase in youth unemployment, and the impact of the current lifestyle on Nepalese people. The song composed by Arjun Pandey and Deepa Neupane has music composed by Lok Ji Mizar. The song features the voices of Lakshmi Parajuli, Ram Shrestha, Lok Ji Mizar and Sanam Sripali. The song has been released through a YouTube channel called Darpan TV Nepal. The video features actors like Bimal Bhattarai, Arjun Pandey, Deepa Neupane, Sarika Darlami. Shot, edited and directed by Santosh Basyal, the video is choreographed by Suman Thapa.

According to Bimal Bhattarai, the presenter of the song, the video, which was shot in the areas around Palpa, turned out to be excellent and included elements of Nepali stories. Giving the information that the song closely depicts the situation in Nepal, presenter Bhattarai said that he will bring this type of song again to spread awareness among the Nepali people. Bhattarai has worked in TV serials Bhaviko Lekhant, Joitingre, Garibko Jeeban, Aadha Sindoor and Tai Na Tui, short film Saajika Duri, Garivko Jeeban, various music videos etc. He is also the Chairman of Shikha Media Pvt Ltd i.e. Darpan