April 13, 2024, Saturday
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Three tigers kept in cage die in Parsa, Sneha’s Care protests

The Nepal Weekly
April 2, 2024
Animal rights activists protesting at Baluwatar on Tuesday

Three tigers kept inside a cage at the Parsa National Park (PNP) have died over the last few months. Two male and one female tigers rescued from Chitwan National Park and Thori of Parsa were placed in the cage.

An 8-year-old male tiger which was brought here after being rescued from Chitwan National Park died lately, according to an official at the Parsa National Park. PNP Information Officer Santosh Bhagat said the big cat, which was sick for few days, was found dead when the staff went to the cage to feed it.

Two tigers kept in a cage at PNP also died a couple of months ago. The PNP Administration informed that the tigers might have died due to illness as they were kept in a small cage that could accommodate a maximum of two tigers.

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Meanwhile, around 50 animal rights activists protest against death of 3 tigers who were kept in a narrow cage in Parsa. The programme was organised by Sneha’s Care in front of WWF Nepal office Baluwatar on Tuesday. The animal rights activists had earlier asked the PNP authorities not to torcher the tigers by keeping them in the small cage to entertain visitors.