April 13, 2024, Saturday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

CNI first Provincial Women’s Leadership Agriculture Conference concludes

The Nepal Weekly
April 2, 2024

Under the organization of Women’s Leadership Forum under Confederation of Nepal Industry (CNI), the first Provincial Women’s Leadership Agriculture Conference-2024 has been concluded. The Women’s leadership conference held at the Chitwan Exhibition Center concluded on Sunday issuing a 16-point declaration. Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Jwala Kumari Sah, chaired the conference held from March 30 – 31.

Since women farmers play an important role in agricultural development, there should be a guarantee of women-friendly technology, programs and easy availability of necessary agricultural materials, women-friendly agricultural mechanization, decentralization of government agencies working in agriculture, and structures to increase the necessary coordination among all three levels of government to increase agricultural productivity, states the declaration. Similarly, the declaration also underscores issues such as increasing the effectiveness of insurance and subsidized loans in agriculture. “As there is a need for adequate investment in agriculture, the government’s policy of investing in agriculture should be in a unified system is mentioned,” reads the declaration. 

The supporting organizations of the conference were Chitwan Industry Association, US Aid Feed the Future, FAO, Heifer International, Seva Nepal, KL Dugad Group, Shikhar Insurance. Banking partners included Nabil Bank, Global IME Bank and Krishi Bikas Bank, while Muktinath Krishi Company Limited was the agricultural partner.