April 18, 2024, Thursday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Coalition: the talk for alternative

The Nepal Weekly
February 27, 2024

Some politicos are seeking a reliable alternative to coalition politics arguing political parties should do politics on their own whether in polls or beyond them. Only then, they reason, delivery of services would be possible as pledged to voters. While in theory the narrative cannot be challenged, hard realities of Nepali politics underline the need for coalition for all time. In absence of coalition, stability in government and party politics would not be a reality. As provisions of prevailing election modality stand, it would be very difficult for a single party to secure the desired majority to do politics on its own. The same appears true in all three levels of government and politics – federal, provincial and local (municipalities). That is why those who have initiated talk on alternative to coalition way of doing politics should understand the prevailing political ecology of the country. They should structure their narrative for party-focused politics accordingly. Otherwise they would just be talking in a different world of idealism. Coalition, in reality, is not a negative proposition for it opens room for accommodation or inclusiveness, understanding, equality and opportunities. Moreover, it furthers the chance for stability in government and politics. What is important in coalition politics is understanding the hard reality; what such political mechanism demands is: tolerance for other point of view and stand accompanied by transparency in dealing. Transactional tactics should not be allowed to dominate the agenda of coalition politics. A sort of disciplined approach, a few politicians prefer to call it ethical highway, should be pursued by all concerned. History has taught with pain: political parties cannot run their full course even if they have their own –only or monopoly-like – hand in government and politics; their single handed command, somehow, erodes and gets derailed despite best wishes. The same was witnessed in different times in the past when each of the now front runner parties had single handed power in politics and government. Appropriate explanation of the same should be sought by those who see only green light in non-coalition politics. If this is not done or reasonably answered, the quest for political parties with no coalition would not be able to produce a desired result. The same would be helpful for all who join talk on or search for non-coalition politics and government. It would also facilitate politicos as they move forward towards another cycle of polls in the country at three levels.