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Three major road accidents in one month: 32 people died

The Nepal Weekly
February 20, 2024

Three major road accidents occurred in Dang, Palpa and Kapilvastu districts in the last one month killing in total 32 people. Ten people lost their lives in an accident in Kapilvastu on Wednesday and 30 passengers were injured. Seven men and three women died in the accident. Seven of them are from Kanchanpur. Before the accident, while trying to change the gear, there was a sudden loud noise and the vehicle overturned uncontrollably. 

On 13 February, 10 people were killed in a jeep accident at Masyam in Palpa and 16 passengers were injured. There were 26 passengers in the 13 seat pass jeep. Public vehicles carry more passengers than the number of seats. There is an unpaved road, even on the uphill road, jeeps are out of control and accidents happen.

About a month ago, 12 people lost their lives when a night bus fell from a bridge into the Rapti River in Bhalubang, Dang. Police said that two Indian citizens also died in the incident. The police and the injured passengers stated that the speed of the vehicle was the cause, while the driver stated that he did not turn the wheel. 

Though there are many reasons behind these frequent accidents experts say that in most cases of road accidents, fault lies in the driver. According to experts even though there is a provision in the law of Nepal that the overall condition of the vehicle should be checked every six months, it has not been practiced. Special rules are required while operating night buses. But there is no provision for changing the driver, nor is there any provision for him to rest, nor is he checked whether he is capable of driving such a vehicle.