April 18, 2024, Thursday
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Number of complaints related to cyber crime increasing 

The Nepal Weekly
February 20, 2024

With the growing popularity of modern technology and social media, the number of complaints related to cyber crime has also increased. On an average, 65 complaints reach the police daily. According to Nepal Police sources around 13,330 complaints related to cyber crime have been registered with the police from last Srawan to Magh. About 85 percent of them are related to social media. According to available data, 11,425 social media-related and 1,955 financial crimes related to information technology have been registered with the police. Among the applications registered during that period, there are 9,350 cases of misuse of Facebook/Messenger on social networks. There are 16 applications for Viber, 6 for IMO, 39 for YouTube, 6 for Twitter, 432 for Instagram, and 6 for website hacking. Similarly, 80 e-mail applications, 190 e-services and 180 other applications have been submitted to the police.

Social media hacks accounted for the highest number of 433 complaints of IT-related financial crimes. There are 264 cases related to sending gifts/money, 33 cases of cheating by showing lottery tickets, 38 cases of foreign employment enticement, 35 cases of online job/room search. There are 152 cases of bank and wallet office account hacking, 61 cases of master card/money exchange, 35 cases of video sharing and blackmailing, 95 cases related to crypto, 460 cases of online shopping, 67 cases of fake ID on social networks and 262 cases of other cases. Based on the data analysis, the police said that the age group of the victim is 26 to 35 years.