February 22, 2024, Thursday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Film halls across Nepal protest against higher taxes

The Nepal Weekly
February 6, 2024

Film halls across Nepal were shut on Monday in protest against the government’s move to levy tax under various headings. As a symbolic protest, 150 film halls were shut down on Monday, according to Nepal Motion Pictures Association (NMPA).

The government is collecting 36 percent tax in the name of film development fees, local tax, and VAT, said NMPA. The association argued that the film development fee and local tax are impractical and urged that they be removed immediately.

The NMPA has demanded that after the implementation of VAT and corporate tax, no tax can be collected under other headings. The direct impact of higher VAT has resulted in lower turn out of the audience, reads a statement issued by the NMPA.

There were 450 film halls in the country before the establishment of the Film Development Board, but now it has been reduced to 150, according to the association. The film sector has collapsed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The entertainment industry cannot sustain itself if the current taxes imposed by the government persists, said Narendra Mahara, spokesperson of NMPA. .“If our demands regarding the high taxes are not addressed, we will resort to other means of protests,” he warned.