February 22, 2024, Thursday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

End war against Ukraine: HURPES

The Nepal Weekly
February 6, 2024

The Human Rights and Peace Society (HURPES) on Monday staged a demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy in Kathmandu, protesting against the recruitment of Nepali youths into the Russian army and their deployment in the war.

The agitating rights activists asked Russian government to terminate the attack on Ukraine and facilitate the safe return of Nepali nationals deployed in the Russia- Ukraine war. The protestors called for an immediate halt to the recruitment of Nepal is into the Russian army for use in the war with Ukraine. They demanded the safe return of Nepal is involved in the conflict to Nepal without any conditions. Participants in the demonstration displayed placards with slogans such as ‘Russia: Stop War, Promote Peace,’ ‘712 Days of War: Gained Nothing, Lost Many Things,’ ‘Russia: Send Back All Nepal is Recruited to Fight in Ukraine,’ ‘Russia: End Enmity, Save Humanity,’ and ‘Russia: Stop War in Ukraine.’