February 22, 2024, Thursday
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Designer Samjhana, who emerges in covid

The Nepal Weekly
February 6, 2024

Samjhana Poudel is a designer who has been established in a short period of time. She designs beads garland stuff. She started her own business when everyone was locked inside the house during the covid. She learned various skills by staying at home during the lockdown. During the period, she was most attracted to garland stuff. And now she is continuing with this. Her identity is made entirely by hand. In almost five years, she has given direct employment to about forty local women. Now she wants to see her designs go international arena. Born in Sankhuwasabha district, she spent her childhood then eastern Nepal district. While studying, she fell in love with her college friend. And both ran away to reach to Kathmandu. After that they are here. She also did her master’s degree in management here. In our society, it is believed that educated people should get government jobs.

Her family also thought that she should do a government job. ‘Why did a person with a master’s degree have to do such menial work? They used to say,’ she said, ‘but I had to do something of my own. I started enjoying this. And I started earning, after that they did not say anything at home.’ She initially made a garland and sold it for two hundred rupees. After that, her enthusiasm increased. Now she has started selling many items at online. Her husband helps in the delivery of goods. She also makes international level designs. Now along with household work, she is also managing her business well. She says that she would not be where she is today if it wasn’t happening Covid. She believes that she is doing well even though covid has affected many places. She says, ‘Because of Covid, I got time to think better. I got a chance to recognize my inner potential. Although it affected many, it helped me. Sometimes we have to give ourselves time.’ Whatever design she learned, it through the internet. Now she has started designing according to her own styles. She makes her ring and ring set also. She has goods worth 300 to 3000 rupees. She is really happy to see that many people are attracted to her business, which started with an investment of only 200 rupees. She says, ‘I am more excited by the feedback given by the customer. I think that if it can be done, it will be done. That’s why I want to grow my business as much as possible.’