March 3, 2024, Sunday
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Nepal welcomes over nine lakh tourists in 11 months

The Nepal Weekly
December 5, 2023

More than nine lakh tourists visited Nepal in 11 months of 2023. According to the statistics provided by the Nepal Tourism Board, 9 lakhs 18 thousand 308 tourists entered Nepal by air from January to November 2023. If we go by the 11 months tourist arrival data it seems that the government;s target to bring in 10 lakh tourists in the year 2023 will be fulfilled.

If 82 thousand tourists arrive in Nepal the last month of current year, the target of receiving one million tourists will be met. Earlier, in 2019, more than 11 lakhs tourists entered Nepal. If the current trend of tourist arrival continues, it can be estimated that it will reach the pre-Covid situation by 2024.

According to the NTB, 1 lakhs 8 thousand 630 tourists from different countries entered Nepal only in November this year. In November 2019, 1 lakhs 30 thousand 302 tourists visit Nepal. In November, the largest number of tourists came from India. 11 thousand 461 from America, which is in the second number, 7 thousand 601 from China, 6 thousand 138 from United Kingdom and other from many more country.