March 2, 2024, Saturday
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The Nepal Weekly
November 28, 2023

Tolerance and understanding offer key solutions to political problems in a democracy. Leaders and political parties have right to dissent and make their viewpoints public. Those in government may feel uncomfortable as and when opposition leaders and organizations air their complaints or grievances or express critical views. They may feel further unhappy as the opposition gathers mass to protest in various parts of the country. Two recent protests by two different political entities in the capital city raised strong voice of opposition which disturbed what could be termed as political equilibrium of the ruling political coalition. One protest was organized by the opposition party CPN UML and it criticized the government for failing in all fronts political, economic and social. The other was held under the auspices of a professional entrepreneur turned politico. He along with his supporters demanded end of current political dispensation – federalism and republicanism – and return to the previous system of Hindu Kingdom, monarchy and high cultural practices. In other words, the move was against the present constitution and this point could not be taken well by those politicians who are in power over the past 33 years. The point has made current political scenario rather tense. In order not to allow the political scenario to further deteriorate, both sides should show a sense of political understanding and tolerance. The leadership of the anti-republicanism protest this time has in an interesting way not been taken by those who were previously known for their loyalty to monarchy. The protest is presided over by an entrepreneur who through the help of online social media has mobilized many. But the support for the protest does not appear that catchy and great. What sort of political relationship has been promoted by the protesting entrepreneur with the traditional monarchist party is not clear. The political party which represents the cause of monarchy in the parliament has supported the protest but not openly expressed solidarity with the new protest-move. Politicos therefore cannot predict how the protest will develop in future. In the meanwhile, all concerned should take care that the general social order should not be disturbed; Nepalis have been tired of disruptions and chaotic politics and democratic politics in all fronts should be promoted and advocated. The right to dissent should be duly preserved. The constitution should be honoured and followed. The programme to bring about change in it should be initiated through democratic and peaceful means. Understanding the point is the need of the hour.