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No alternative to republican system in Nepal: Deuba

Prasai’s agitation aborted as he looses public support

The Nepal Weekly
November 28, 2023

Nepali Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that there is no alternative to the republican system in Nepal. “There is no possibility to return monarchy in the country,” former Prime Minister and NC President Deuba pointed out.

“There is no point in opposing republican system. It is not going to change,” said Deuba, who was addressing the first district conference of Nepali Congress in Nawalpur on Monday. “Monarchy will not return as it was decided through the Constituent Assembly,” said Deuba. Now the responsibility to consolidate democracy falls on the shoulder of each one of us, he added.

Meanwhile, the fate of the campaign launched by controversial medical entrepreneur Durga Prasai to restore monarchy and abolish secularism in the country has become uncertain as former King Gyanendra Shah has remained silent over the move. Ex-King Shah, who is silent on his support for Prasai, however, took part in Rastriya Prajatantra Party president Rajendra Lingden, who was launching a pro-monarchy campaign in Jhapa district in Eastern Nepal. Prasai had made headlines over last week as his supporters hit the streets of Kathmandu chanting pro-monarchy slogans and clashed with the riot police.

Though Prasai continued his demonstrations in Kathmandu for the third consecutive day on Saturday, there were less number of people in the show. Thursday’s demonstration organized in Balkhu was backed by right wing people, pro-monarchists, some RPP supporters and pro-Hindu activists as well. People from outside districts, who were unable to pay their bank loan also joined Prasai’s agitation with the hope that their issue would also be addressed. There were speculations that ex-King Gyanendra was also backing Prasai’s move. However, his agitation could not move forward after three days with the pro-monarchist groups divided over their agenda and working style. RPP chief Rajendra Lingden was against the move made by Prasai. Now, it seems that Prasai’s agitation has been aborted with no revelation of clear agenda and road map. People also seem to have shown no interest in Prasai’s pro-monarchist agitation. Being frustrated by the poor participation of the people of Kathmandu in the second and third day of agitation Prasai even offered the post of Prime Minister to Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah.