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Ten agitators injured as police threw tear gas cells in anti-government protest shows

The Nepal Weekly
November 28, 2023

At least 28 people including five policemen were injured as two groups clashed at Balkhu area in the outskirt of Kathmandu amidst stepped up security on Thursday.

As the protesters tried to enter the prohibited area in Balkhu, security personnel deployed there fired a dozen tear gas cells and water cannons, according to eye witnesses. The police fired tear gas cells, baton charged and used water canons to disperse the agitators, as the two groups clashed by pelting stone on each other.

Youth Organization Nepal, a sister organization of main opposition CPN-UML and pro-monarchist Durgra Prasai Group had announced separate demonstrations in Kathmandu on Thursday protesting against the government.

The two groups also targeted each other bringing tens of thousands of people on the street. Cadres belonging to YON had gathered at Tinkune near the Tribhuvan International Airport and Durga Prasai Group had gathered at Balkhu to show their strength.

Pro-monarchist Durga Prasai Group had chanted slogans like abolish republican system and reinstate monarchy. They have also called for restoration of a Hindu state in Nepal. Their first target was the government and their second target was CPN-UML affiliated Youth Organization Nepal.

The main slogans of YON were to topple the Prachanda led present coalition government and end of corruption. They had also shouted slogans against the pro-monarchist Durga Prasai Group.