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Rapid Bus service resumes on Ratnapark-Suryabinayak route

The Nepal Weekly
November 28, 2023

The bus rapid transit service on the Ratnapark-Suryabinayak route which was halted after running for a month has resumed from Sunday.     

Director General of the Department of Transport Management, Uddhav Prasad Rijal, informed that the buses will leave for the Ratnapark-Suryabinayak at an interval of every three minutes from 8.30 am on daily basis.     

“Thirty-six buses will operate on Ratnapark-Suryabinayak route. Buses have been operated on a regular basis from 8.30 am from Sunday,” he added. Twenty-five buses were operated to and from the two destinations before this.  Director General Rijal said a schedule has been prepared, according to which the bus service will be operated from 8.30 am to 10.30 am and from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm at an interval of three minutes.     

According to Rijal, buses have been added to make the bus rapid transit service more effective and the schedule has also been slightly changed.  The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport launched this service on September 20, 2023, coinciding with Constitution Day for the convenience of commuters so that they can reach their destinations quickly. The service was suspended within a month of its operation as it was not effective. Rijal claimed that it takes 45 minutes for buses operating under the bus rapid transit on the Ratnapark-Suryabinayak route whereas it takes one and a half hours for other public buses. According to him, Traffic Police will ensure that buses on this service will not have to stop even at cross-roads like Maitighar, Koteshwar, and Jadibuti, among others where there is a lot of traffic jam. The bus fare on the Ratnapark-Suryabinayak route bus rapid transit service is the same as the other public buses have been charging, according to the Transport Management Department.