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Dashain the great festival of Hindus, begins

The Nepal Weekly
October 17, 2023
Dashain Festival, Nepal 2023 Dates, Celebration,Tika
Jamara, sowed on Ghatasthapana commencing the big festival

Dashain, the great festival of Hindus, has begun from Sunday. Navadurga is worshiped for nine days and this period is also known as Navratri. Navratri begins from Ghatastapana. On the tenth day, after immersion the goddess, Tika and Jamra are accepted from the hands of elders. 

On the first day people worship Shailaputri and offer food made from cow’s ghee for long life and to avoid any kind of chronic disease, you will get health. On second day to get rid of any kind of bondage, it is said that if one worships the Brahmacharini mother and offers alms, all kinds of evil will be destroyed. Third day it is said that if we offer prasad of various dishes made from cow’s milk and make donations to worship Mother Chandraghanta, the blessings of Mother will stay with us forever. On Fourth day Mata Kushmand worshiping will gives knowledge and wisdom. If there is any kind of speech defect, if you offer malpuwa and worship on that date, and if you donate malpuwa, it will be beneficial.

Fifth day it is said that worshiping Skandhamata on the day of Panchami tithi will bring success in business and increase services and facilities from the state as well as employment. Sixth day it is said that worshiping Goddess Katyayani will be successful in order to get beauty as well as the person of your heart. Seventh Day it is said that all the troubles will be destroyed by worshiping Kalaratri Bhagwati to get rid of any kind of issues and accidents. Eighth day it is said that worshiping Mahagauri Bhagwati’s you will be blessed with children. On the ninth day of Ghatasthapana, Siddhidatri Bhagwati should be worshiped to avoid premature death and not to hear any kind of bad news. On the tenth day, the Goddess is immersed and Tika and Jamra are applied as a victory celebration. It is customary to accept prasad of the goddess from Vijayadashami to Kojagrat Poornima. By Pratima Sapkota