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‘NAC plans to purchase up to 10 aircrafts in current fiscal year’

The Nepal Weekly
October 17, 2023

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, has said up to ten new aircraft will be procured for the national flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) within the current fiscal year.     

During his meeting with a group of students at his official residence in Pulchowk the otherday, the Minister said the decision to add more aircraft for the NAC was aimed at ending anomalies in the airfares. “There is no alternative to intervening in the airfares by enhancing the capacity of NAC. He stressed the need to buy more aircraft for NAC to promote tourist arrival, as well. As he said, the procurement procedures will begin shortly.     

The NAC is preparing to purchase three twin-otters for domestic flights to increase their numbers to five, it is said.   

Tourism coupled with cultures needed, Minister Kirati says
Minister Kirati


According to Minister Kirati, the NAC has launched its flights from Nepaligunj airport to rural areas throughout the Dashain. He pledged to sit for talks with authorities concerned to prevent the potential allocation of air tickets on the black market during festivals.     

The students’ delegation led by Nepal Students Union President Dujang Sherpa handed a memorandum to the Minister, demanding the containment of possible distributions of air tickets on the black market during festivals.     

The NSU urged the NAC to operate flights targeting mountain routes and remote areas for the convenience of travellers during festival seasons.