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Australian YouTuber Torr, who loves Nepal

The Nepal Weekly
October 17, 2023

Young Australian Jack Torr is just turning 24 years old. At a young age, his desire is different from that of ordinary youths. Before embarking on his journey to fulfil his desire, Torr, who has earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing, used to work in a corporate office in Australia. Five employees would work under him. His salary was also attractive; he drew Rs 4 million annually.

However, Torr wanted more. He wanted to explore the world. His urge to explore the world was so strong that he quit his job of Rs 40 million annually to chase his desire. And his journey began. This young Australian Torr has opened his own YouTube channel. As of now, more than 40,000 people around the globe have subscribed to his channel. He has written on his YouTube, ‘I quit my job to follow my dream, be right beside me as we travel the world together!’.

Torr has toured Nepal sixth time so far. Having travelled to more than a dozen countries, Nepal has attracted him the most. Australia is a dream country for the common Nepali youths. In search of better future, many young people are eager to go to Australia spending millions of rupees. But Torr, an Australian youth, wants to leave his country to make Nepal his workplace. He is dedicated to promoting Nepal’s tourism, art and culture.

He has made videos about tourism, art, culture, festivals, food and lifestyle by reaching various tourist destinations and rural areas of Nepal. His videos have got significant popularity. People all over the world have preferred his videos. Currently, he is earning more than Rs 100,000 from YouTube on a monthly basis.

Clad in Nepali attires, Torr is found making videos in the rural areas of Nepal. Pharping and Khotang are his favorite places in Nepal. He is very eager to reach Mustang. He first visited Nepal to trek and experience the country’s culture.

Here in Nepal, he has been lured by the mountains, culture and the sweep hospitality of Nepali people. He wants to settle down here after getting married apart from wanting to operate a farmhouse as well. “I am travelling all over the world with money I have saved from work,” he says, “I am eager to visit the villages of Nepal and understand the Nepali lifestyle. I prefer Nepali dishes including dalbhat and momo.”

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– By Narendra Raule