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Former Miss Nepal Shrinkhala expresses her love with KMG’s Sambhav

The Nepal Weekly
October 17, 2023

Former Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada has publicly announced her love for media entrepreneur Sambhav Sirohiya. By sharing a romantic picture on Instagram on Sunday, she expressed her love relationship the MD of Kantipur media group public with great courage.

Informing that they are in love, she shares, “Hello, we are Sambhav and Shrinkhala. Our middle name is Hopeless-Romantic. It took a lot of courage for both of us introverts to make our love public. But it was about time we shared.” “I am happy to make our love relationship public with my virtual family,” she mentions, “I am so happy to share our love with my virtual family. Oh it has been so hard to contain it this past year.”

Going by the Instagram status of Khatiwada, it can be smelt that both of them have been in a deep relationship for some time.