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Israel army rescues 32 Nepali students to safety

The Nepal Weekly
October 10, 2023

Israel army have carried out rescue of 32 Nepali students from different farms to safe area. They Israel army escorted them from the bunker where they were staying to safer zone in Telaviv, according to sources close to Foreign Minister N.P. Saud.

Out of 49 Nepalese students who reached Israel under the learn and earn scheme last month, ten were killed by the Hamas. Four injured are undergoing treatment in Israel and two have already been evacuated safely. One student is still missing. All the students were studying agriculture in Sudur Pashchim University of Nepal. After the Hamas entered the bunker and killed 10 students, the Nepalese students felt that it was not safe to remain in the bunker. They had asked Nepal government as well as the Israel authorities for their immediate rescue. “Now after their evacuation the students are feeling a kind of relief. We are safe here and also had some food to eat,” one of the students was quoted as saying by a local media here.