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Nepal aims to facilitate 1 billion Hindu pilgrims to Kailash Mansarovar: Foreign Minister Saud

The Nepal Weekly
October 10, 2023

“Kailash Mansarovar is a great attraction for the Hindus all over the world. All the Hindus are aspiring to reach the holy shrine situated in Tibet,” Foreign Minister Saud said in response to a question put forward by The Nepal Weekly. in response to a question.

“The Kailash Mansarovar situated in Tibet may attract one billion Hindu devotees” from all over the world and Nepal can provide the only shortest route to reach there, Foreign Minister Saud pointed out. “Nepal has asked Chinese side to open all three routes via Nepal to have access to Mansarovar and China has given its positive note,” Saud said.

The three routes from Nepal to reach the Kailash Mansarovar area are Hilsa of Humla district Khori of Bajhang and Tinker of Darchula district, all in western Nepal. The Mansarovar Lake lies around 160 kilometres northwest of Simikot, the headquarters of Humla district.

“First of all, we need to forge an agreement with the Chinese immigration (authorities) to manage easy access to visit Mansarovar for both Nepali and Indian tourists/pilgrims. For this, officials of both the countries are in regular touch,” Saud said.