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Fair price shops begin sales

The Nepal Weekly
October 10, 2023
Government to open fair price shops to allay fears of shortages and price  hikes

As per the government plan to provide relief by selling essential items at a discounted rate to the consumers during the festivals, fair price shops have come into operation across the country since Sunday.

The Food Management and Trading Company Limited (FMTC), Salt Trading Corporation (STC) and Dairy Development Corporation (DDC) have started operating the discounted shops through their offices, depots, and dealers in the capital and beyond. Consumers can buy essential items at a discount from the fair price shops until the Chhath festival (November 19, this year). The entities are selling essential goods, especially rice, pulses, lentils, ghee, oil, sugar, flour and salt, at discounted rates for one and a half months.

While inaugurating the fair price shops, he urged the consumers to purchase the essential goods from the discounted shops inside and outside the Kathmandu Valley. There are a total of 35 sales outlets, including eight sales centres and three mobile shops, in Kathmandu Valley. The convenience stores of STC and FMTC will be operated in 95 more places, including Kathmandu Valley. The FMTC will run fair price shops in its 48 outlets of 42 districts and STC will also sell produces at discount rate from its more than 35 outlets across the country. Customers get discount from Rs. 2 to Rs. 50 per kg/litre. In the fair price shops, there is a discount of Rs. 7 per kg on various varieties of rice, lentils, beaten rice, cooking oil, wheat flour, Rs. 2 per kg on salt and Rs. 10 per kilogram on Humla’s beans.