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Observing 9th Constitution Day

The Nepal Weekly
September 26, 2023

The ninth Constitution Day, has been observed the other day. It was a momentous occasion for reflection and a fervent call for action. On September 20, 2015, our nation achieved a significant milestone – the promulgation of a new constitution through the Constituent Assembly. This constitution institutionalized in a federal democratic republic system of governance, bringing power closer to the grassroots level—a remarkable achievement in Nepal’s constitutional journey, which has witnessed a series of experiments since the revolution of 1950. Nevertheless, the true potential of any constitution remains untapped unless accompanied by a fundamental shift in the mindset and practices of our leaders. Even a perfectly crafted statute on paper falls short if not bolstered by genuine efforts to implement its provisions for the greater benefit of the people. This emphasizes the need for our political leaders in power to implement the constitution with sincerity and dedication, enabling this framework to genuinely empower the people.

It is essential to acknowledge that the present constitution, while a commendable step forward, is not without flaws. Like any human-made document, it possesses weaknesses and areas that needs revision. The beauty of a democratic framework lies in its adaptability, permitting amendments and improvements to address these shortcomings. However, the effectiveness of such amendments depends on the unwavering commitment of our leaders to implement and uphold the principles enshrined in the constitution. The endorsement of the constitution by an overwhelming majority of peoples representatives showcased a broad consensus and a collective aspiration for a better Nepal. However, mere endorsement is not sufficient. The true measure of success lies in concrete actions taken to translate the constitution into a functional and equitable reality. It requires on our part to rise above partisan interests, prioritize the nation’s well-being, and properly adhere to the principles in which the the constitution is based. Now, this is the time for action, for the benefit of our people and the legacy we leave for generations to come. Best Wishes to all Nepalis on the Constitution Day!