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In two years, 14 lakh youths went abroad for foreign employment

The Nepal Weekly
September 12, 2023
Biometric-Attendance at Tribhuvan International Airport for foreign  employment workers - Koshionline

In the last two years alone, 14 lakhs youths from Nepal have gone abroad for foreign employment. According to the data of Foreign Employment Department, during this period, 12 lakh 80 thousand 162 men and 1 lakh 21 thousand 262 women migrated from the country.

According to the statistics of the department, only in the financial year 079/80 B.S., 7 lakhs 71 thousand 327 youths have migrated abroad for employment. Among them 6 lakhs 99 thousand 193 men and 72 thousand 134 were women. Similarly, 6 lakhs 30 thousand 97 youths have gone abroad in the year 078/79. According to the data, 5 lakhs 80 thousand 969 of them were men and 49 thousand 128 were women.

The main destinations of Nepali workers for foreign employment are Malaysia and the Gulf countries. About 80 percent of Nepali workers have gone to the Gulf and Malaysia. In the last five years, 14 lakh 46 thousand 71 workers (only those with new labor permits) have gone to different Gulf countries and Malaysia.

The data shows that the largest number of Nepali workers went to Qatar among the Gulf countries. In the last fiscal year 079/80, 40 thousand 517 Nepali workers gone to Qatar. After Qatar, Malaysia is the main destination for Nepali workers. In the period of five years, 3 lakhs 68 thousand 868 Nepali workers went to Malaysia. 3 lakh 61 thousand 667 Nepali workers have also gone to Saudi Arabia in five years.

Another attractive destination for Nepali workers is the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in five years 2 lakhs 96 thousand and 47 hundred were gone to UAE. According to the statistics of the department, 89 thousand 168 Nepali workers have reached Kuwait in five years. Twenty six thousand 669 went to Bahrain and 15 thousand 331 people reached Oman.