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Entry of Indian Trucks must be stopped to protect domestic truck business

The Nepal Weekly
August 29, 2023

The Federation of Truck Transport Entrepreneurs Nepal (FTTEN) has demanded a ban on the entry of Indian cargo vehicles into Nepal to end unhealthy competition.

Organizing a press conference in Kathmandu on Monday, FTTEN has asked the government to put a ban on the Indian cargo vehicles, arguing that the uncontrolled entry of Indian cargo vehicles into Nepal is adversely affecting the operations of domestic cargo vehicles.

Indian trucks are enjoying free entry into Nepal while our vehicles are facing different types of hassle in India, pointed out Rajendra Bikram Baniya, General Secretary of FTTEN addressing the press meet in Kathmandu Monday.

Similarly, the FTTEN has demanded proper management of truck parking facilities at major locations including capital city Kathmandu. General Secretary Baniya also demanded that truck fair fixed by the federation should be implemented.

He requested that the fare rates that have been fixed for 47 primary routes in the truck transport sector should be made effective and monitoring should be carried out for their effective implementation. There should be an easy way to handle accidents, provide medical treatment to the injured, and enforce proper-load bearing practices as per the existing law, he pointed out.

The entrepreneurs demanded an amendment to the existing laws related to the management of relief works, the confiscation of goods and the extended detention of trucks in case of mismatch between the goods in the truck and related documents during the revenue inspection.