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Nepal Airlines operating flights to Delhi, KK from Bhairahawa via Kathmandu

The Nepal Weekly
August 29, 2023

Nepal Airlines, the national flag carrier, is set to operate once a week flight between Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA) located in Bhairahawa to Hong Kong and Delhi making Kathmandu a transit point. The ticket booking for the same has already been opened, according to Nepal Airlines spokesperson Ramesh Paudel. In the beginning there will be Bhairahawa – Hong Kong and Bhairahawa – Deli flights via Kathmandu every Tuesday and the number of flights will be added on the basis of demand, he informed.

The NA flight will take off at 8.15 from Bhairahawa and reach Kathmandu at 9 am. Then the aircraft will fly to Hong Kong and Delhi in two separate aircrafts belonging to the NA. The passengers can check-in at Bhairahawa, who will be provided boarding pass to the final destination and their luggage will also be checked-in through to their respective destinations, according to Paudel.