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Purity of seized gold 99.9 per cent

The Nepal Weekly
August 22, 2023

The purity of the gold brought by smugglers from Hong Kong concealing in the brake shoe of the motorcycle has been found to be 99.9 per cent. 

As the gold kept at the Department of Mint, Nepal Rastra Bank went through tests for its purity it was found to be 99.9 per cent, informed NRB assistant spokesperson Dr Dilliram Pokharel.     

“A purity of 99.9 per cent means the gold is completely pure,” he said. The Department of Mint has already sent the report on examination of the confiscated gold’s purity to the bodies concerned including the NRB and the Department of Revenue Investigation.     

DRI Director-General Nawaraj Dhungana said they have received the information that the gold is totally pure. It is stated in the report that the gold is of 24 carats standard.

The confiscated gold was melted and formed into gold biscuits on August 15 and it weighed 60.716 kilos. The task of extracting gold from the brake shoe was done on August 14 and it weighed 60.789 kilos. The weight of the gold decreased by 73 grammes after melting it.     

The DRI on July 19 confiscated 155 kilos of brake shoes filled with gold from in front of the Customs Office at Sinamangal.     

Currently, Nepal Police, Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) have been carrying out an investigation into the gold smuggling scam.