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Seven hundred Bangladeshi tourists arriving in Nepal

The Nepal Weekly
August 22, 2023

A Bangladeshi company has dispatched a delegation of 700 employees to Nepal for a tour.

The Plastic Division, operating under the umbrella of Akij Group in Bangladesh, has organized a tour of its employees to Nepal recently. This conglomerate, with a workforce exceeding 200,000 employees across Bangladesh, has arranged this excursion under the banner of the ‘Dealer and Sales Conference’.

On Friday, the initial cohort of 175 individuals received a warm welcome at the Tribhuvan International Airport from representatives of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and local tourism entrepreneurs. The remaining members of the delegation are scheduled to arrive in Nepal later on Friday and on Saturday, said NTB.

Communication officer at the NTB emphasized the substantial impact of this visit in conveying the allure of Nepal as an attractive destination for business gatherings. He added that the team is set to explore various tourist sites in the vicinity of Kathmandu.

During their four-day stay in Nepal, the Bangladeshi team will also host a conference, adhering to their company’s predetermined schedule. “This marks the first instance of a company sending such a large group to Nepal for sightseeing purposes,” noted TP Bhusal, communication officer at NTB.

The Nepali guides will facilitate the exploration of Kathmandu by the visiting team. Their itinerary includes visits to Swayambhu, Patan Durbar, Chandragiri, Dhulikhel, and Bhaktapur.

In recent times, the influx of Bangladeshi tourists to Nepal has exhibited a steady rise. In July 2023, Nepal welcomed 2,696 tourists from Bangladesh, while the figures for June, May, April, March, February, and January were 2,402; 2,164; 2,217; 2,466; 1,907; and 2,468, respectively.