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Snake bite kills more than 3,000 people every year in Nepal 

The Nepal Weekly
August 15, 2023

In Nepal, more than three thousand people are losing their lives every year due to snakebite. A study has shown that more than 40,000 people are affected by snakebites and more than 3,000 people die every year. A report published by the National Library of Medicine on December 31 stated that 37,661 people were bitten by snakes in 2022 alone. A study focusing on the most affected districts of the Terai found that 48.8 percent of snakebite victims were bitten by venomous snakes and 7.8 percent died instantly. Although the study covers the most affected districts, it is estimated that around 40,000 people are affected by snakebites every year due to the fact that deaths due to snakebites are also occurring in other hilly and Himalayan districts.

 Although treatment should be started within an hour of snake bite, doctors say that thousands of people die every year before they reach the hospital. Every year more than 900 patients reach the hospital after being bitten by venomous snakes such as Goman, Karat that require immediate treatment. Not all cases of snakebite deaths are reported to the police. Therefore, the actual death toll is expected to be higher.

 According to the data of the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, the number of people who are bitten by poisonous snakes and reach the hospital is around 900 every year. Last year, 9,346 people were affected by snake bites and 926 patients had to be hospitalized. According to the data of Nepal Police, the rate of death due to snake bites is high in Madhes province. In the last five years, 541 people have lost their lives in Madhes. In Sudurpaschim Province, 204 people and 170 people in Lumbini have lost their lives due to snakebite in five years. Police have details of eight deaths in Gandaki province and five deaths in Kosi province in five years. The police do not have details number of deaths due to snake bites in Karnali province in the past years. Out of 89 species of snakes found in Nepal, 17 species of snakes are considered dangerous. Based on the effects of these snake bites on the human body, doctors divide the poison into four categories and treat it.