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Flood damage data collection begins in Kagbeni

The Nepal Weekly
August 15, 2023

The process of collecting the data of the damage and destruction caused by floods in the Varagung Muktichhetra Rural Municipality-4, Kagbeni of Mustang district, across the mountains has started.

Floods in Kagkhola Sunday night along with incessant rain washed away 20 houses including the police station building in Kagbeni. Kagkhola, which flows through Muktinath, was blocked due to a landslide, and the flood caused severe damage in the area. So far 36 houses have been damaged by the floods, said the police. The local police, people’s representatives and residents have started collecting details of flood damage since morning.

The Chief District Officer of Mustang, Anup KC, stated that the flood in the river triggered by heavy rain washed away the houses, shops, hotels, police station building, ward office and other structures.

Varagung Muktichhetra Rural Municipality Chairman Rinjin Namgel Gurung informed that the flood caused minor damage to the NMB Bank house and Janashanti Secondary School in Kagbeni. The flood that came in the Kagkhola, which is mixed with the Kaligandaki, washed away the Dharamshala and the temple in the holy religious place Kagbenidham.

“After the flood occurred at night, the locals managed to save their lives by fleeing. Life in Kagbeni has become chaotic due to the flood; the details of the damage are being collected, and we have taken the initiative to provide emergency accommodation for the homeless,” said Chairman Gurung. The Village Council and the District Security Committee have also made necessary preparations to arrange emergency accommodation for those who have become homeless due to the flood.

The flood washed away the houses and turned the settlement into a muddy place. Similarly, the flood has washed away the temporary bridge inside Kagbeni village and the concrete bridge which is under construction to connect Jomsom-Korla. With the bridge washed away, the road traffic of Upper Mustang has been cut off.