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When makeup artist Rajesh gets phone call from Manisha

The Nepal Weekly
August 15, 2023

– Narendra Raule

While in school, Rajesh Ghimire of Jhapa Shivasatakshi Municipality had keen desire to make sketches and paintings. At that time, he had a dream of studying and getting a government job. It was a time when one would become happy by hearing their name played by Radio Nepal. He also wrote poetry and sent it to Radio Nepal several times.

As he grew older, Ghimire’s desires also changed. In 2005, he entered Kathmandu with a different dream. He reached Kathmandu with an aspiration of learning some skill-based work and embracing it as a profession.  He did a special hair and beauty course. After completing the course, he embraced this as a profession.

Ghimire once worked as a lab technician in a hospital in Kathmandu. Having worked as a lab technician at a hospital in Damak, Jhapa, for two years, he served for Mechi Hospital for some time. When he was working at a lab in Kathmandu, the country was gripped by the Maoist insurgency. In 2004, Acharya went to New Delhi and joined a special course at the Shyam Institute. He was not satisfied even after completing the course. He also completed a three months’ course at the Blossom Kochhar College of Creative Arts and Design.

Ghimire learned a lot at the Indian Institutes. He gained knowledge about hair dying and highlighting, party styling, bridal makeup, and fashion art. Upon returning to Nepal from India, he initially worked at the beauty parlor in Hyatt Hotels and Resorts in Kathmandu. After gaining some confidence he then started   Arden The Beauty Point together with a friend in 2007. After operating in New Road for four years, he wanted to manage it further. In 2010, he shifted Arden. The Beauty Point to Kupandol. Thereafter, he worked day and night in such a way that he did not listen to the radio, watch the television and read newspapers.  Some days he slept only 2-3 hours a night. He spent the rest of his time at work. “I did not feel winter and summer. I worked enduring hunger and thirst. I did work by lighting candles when load shedding took place at that time,” said Ghimire.

When asked, ‘How did that passion come to you?’

“That energy is still in me,” he responded, “If you focus on your work, the energy will always remain.”

If you have skills and abilities, people will keep coming back. This is the experience of Ghimire, who has worked as a hair and makeup artist for a long time. “If your aim is clear, people will come no matter how far they are,” he said, “Customers come first. So, you have to satisfy them.”

Phone call from Manisha

Ghimire was busy at work. One day he got a phone call. “Babu, come to my house with the make-up items you have. I have to take your trial.” That phone call was from actress Manisha Koirala. On the eve of her wedding, Manisha Koilara had invited him to her residence in Mandikatar for a make-up.

After being called by famous actress Manisha, Ghimire reached the residence of Manisha Koirala in Mandikatar with excitement. “I was scared,” he said recalling that moment. “I didn’t have many makeup tools with me. But, Didi gave me six booking dates at once.” Later he completed four functions belonging to Manisha Koirala. “You are the best at work,” elated Koirala said of him, “You should go to work in India.”

However, irrespective of career types, he had to do it at home. He did not want to toil in a foreign land. Even after the marriage, every time she came to Nepal, Manisha kept calling him as her brother.

In 2010, Manisha Koirala and Sneha Rana jointly inaugurated his beauty parlour. Currently, he has directly and indirectly employed nine people.