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USAID Urja Nepal conduced leadership and management training concludes

The Nepal Weekly
August 8, 2023

USAID Urja Nepal had recently concluded its nine-month-long training programme for the development of leadership and management skills for women involved in energy sector in Nepal.

The training programme was aimed at assisting women leaders in advancing their leadership skills, enhancing their professional influence, and making effective business decisions to accelerate the energy transition in the country.

With input from women leaders in the sector, the programme was focused on addressing key challenges in the energy sector, including cross-border electricity trade and project financial management. It also aimed to equip participants with leadership skills to navigate the male-dominated energy industry and provided a platform for networking and knowledge exchange among women leaders, USAID Urja Nepal mentioned in its statement.

Speaking at the event, Energy Minister Shakti Bahadur Basnet congratulated the participants and reiterated the government’s commitment to make the sector more inclusive. ”The ministry looks forward to see women in leading roles in the energy sector in the coming days,” he said.

Minister Basnet also added that the training programme has created women professionals to play important role in promoting gender equality and inclusion. It also served as a networking opportunity, enabling participants to interact with women leaders from various industries, including energy, banking, information technology, and politics.

Sepideh Keyvanshad, USAID/Nepal’s Mission Director also said, “Through this programme, we aspire to create a ripple effect where today’s participants become tomorrow’s champions, mentoring others in their journey towards leadership.”

At the end of the programme, participants demonstrated renewed technical expertise and showcased skills in building professional networks, self-advocacy, and career confidence. They also developed a deeper appreciation for effective leadership and expressed a willingness to expand their professional connections. 

USAID Urja Nepal organised a closing ceremony on July 28.