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Dr. Govinda KC announces fast-unto-death from August 14

The Nepal Weekly
August 1, 2023
Dr Govinda KC begins fast-unto-death for sixth time - The Himalayan Times -  Nepal's No.1 English Daily Newspaper | Nepal News, Latest Politics,  Business, World, Sports, Entertainment, Travel, Life Style News

Nepali orthopedic surgeon and philanthropic activist Dr Govind KC has announced Satyagraha (fast-unto-death) from August 14. Addressing a press conference in Kathmandu on Monday, Dr KC announced that there is an organized effort to destroy the Medical Education Commission and reverse the provisions of the Medical Education Act. Dr KC said that there are suspicions that even the Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Ashok Rai, who is also the co-chairman of the commission, is supporting such efforts by the mafia, forgetting his official responsibilities.

He said that the education minister did not do anything to stop the illegal seat determination and admission process by the party cadres and mafia who were recruited in CTEVT in various subjects of health education. Dr KC said the minister protected them instead of punishing them.

He gave an ultimatum to the government to cancel the illegal decisions regarding CTEVT seat allocation and student admission, dismiss the guilty officials and form a recommendation committee within a week for the appointment of the Vice-Chairman of the Medical Education Commission and complete the selection process before the end of the term of the current Vice-Chairman so that the Commission is not left without a leader even for a single day.