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Youths should lead in tiger conservation

The Nepal Weekly
August 1, 2023
Essay On The Tiger In English For Classes 1-3: 10 Lines, Short & Long  Paragraph

Land Our Future – the youth brand movement organized a programme ‘Reflections on Nepal Tiger’ on July 29 to observe the International Tiger Day 2023. Wildlife experts, journalists, students and politicians found a common platform on the occasion to discuss on the status of tiger in Nepal and the importance of its conservation. A host of speakers also expressed their deliberations on the occasion on the book Nepal Tiger, that was published in 1999 by this weekly (at that time it was known as The Explore Nepal Weekly).

Former Minister Sunil Kumar Manandhar

Senior journalist and co-auther of the book Ramakrishna Regmi has said that the goal of environmental conservation cannot be achieved without protecting tigers, and pointed out the need for the younger generation people to assume leadership of the campaign to preserve tigers. Speaking at the interaction program on Reflections on the book ‘Nepal Tiger’ organized by Land Our Future organization at Schemes College in Balkumari on Saturday, he underscored that “the young generation should take the leadership of the tiger conservation campaign.” Co-author of Nepal Tiger, Regmee asserted that climate change and wildlife conservation are interdependent and related to each other. “Journalists should also need to encourage scientists and tiger experts to effectively move forward the work of tiger conservation.”

Former Minister Ganesh Shah

On this occasion, the chief guest of the program, former Minister for Science and Environment Ganesh Shah, pointed out that climate change, biodiversity conservation and waste management are the three major challenges of today’s modern world and underscored that tiger conservation will also help in mitigating the impacts of climate change. Ghanshyam Gurung, the Country Director of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Nepal, said that with the political will, strong security of the army, intelligence system of the police, conservation programs conducted in community involvement and the support of charitable organizations, it was possible to reduce tiger poaching to zero and thus Nepal achieved unprecedented success in tiger conservation.

Dr. Ghana Shyam Gurung

On this occasion, journalist and co-author of the book, Shirish Ballabh Pradhan, expressed his concern over the recent increase in the conflict between tigers and humans. He underlined the need for cooperation with the countries across the border in tiger conservation, as well as the need to carry forward the tiger conservation campaign with the close cooperation of the community. The interactive

Ram Krishna Regmee

program was conducted by Prayas Gole in which Roshan Choudhary, involved in ‘Tiger Count – 2022’, shared his exciting experience of two months he spent in the forest while conducting tiger count. Shiksha Khanal, co-director of Land Our Future, made an interesting presentation on tiger conservation in Nepal, while Roman Prajapati, another co-director, expressed vote of thanks to all the participants. The book is a collection of articles published every week during 1998 which coincides Year of Tiger according to the Chinese traditional calendar.

Shirish Pradhan
Shikshya Khanal