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King Kang, a recruit in Indian Army, who holds world record for art

The Nepal Weekly
August 1, 2023

By Narendra Raule

King Kang Rai originally from Khotang district, who is currently serving in the Indian Army, wants to do new things in life. Rai’s father and grandfather also served in the Indian Army. Inspired by his father and grandfather, Thulung (Rai) also wanted to get a job in the Indian Army.

Rai, who passed SLC from Shree Shanti Niketan in Chhorambu, Khotang, went to Jhapa for further education. After completing plus two from the Mechi Multiple Campus, Jhapa, he joined the Indian Army in 2009.

Rai desired to work in other field. At one time, he was very fond of art and literature. He read works by Parijat, Banira Giri, Bhupi Sherchan, Lekhnath Paudyal and other litterateurs. Desire may be different according to age and situation, his experience tells. Before joining army, he used to write songs and poems. Later, he found his interest in video and YouTube. His wishes and aspirations changed.

Rai is the person who has set the Guinness World Records for the most tennis ball touches using the hand in one minute. Then the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Rajendra Lingden handed the certificate to him.

Rai has acted in six music videos so far. Shot in Palpa, Pokhara and Kathmandu, the videos can be watched on YouTube. His other music videos are coming.

Rai doesn’t get much free time because he has a job in the Army abroad. However, sometimes he gets updated on Nepal’s politics and current affairs. He watches videos on YouTube and Facebook. He reads news on various online media. Motherland is dearer than heaven for every person. It was not that Rai did not remember his motherland. “I remember even stones and soil of my motherland, sir.”

“I am very much interested in politics here. He wishes the country should pursue development.” He wishes our country should be known in the international arena. “I wish we should not go to other’s countries to work as a slave. Citizens of other countries should instead visit Nepal for job opportunities. They should be desperate to get a permanent residence of our country,” he added. 

After retiring from the Indian Army, Rai is thinking of joining politics with dedication. He stressed the need for youths to awake for ending corruption in Nepal. “I am thinking of doing politics independently without joining any political party.”

He aims to make a new movie to make the Nepali cinema known to the international world. He also commits to set a world record in a new title.

Being fond of travelling, Rai’s favourite places are Goa, Jammu Kashmir, Ladakh in India. Similarly in Nepal, behind his birthplace, Khotang, he also likes Tansen, Kathmandu.