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Gorkhapatra awards subscription for 100 years for the first time

The Nepal Weekly
July 18, 2023

Nepal’s oldest newspaper, Gorkhapatra, the government owned daily, has for the first time in its 123 year history awarded subscription for next 100 years. Basundhara Man Academy, a charity organization, has paid Rs. 219,000 after deducting 40 percent discount, to acquire 100 year subscription of the government owned daily on Friday.

The charge for centenary subscription of the Gorkhapatra without discount was Rs. 365,000. Advisor of the academy Badri Prasad Dhakal handed over cheque amounting to Rs. 219,000 to BIshnu Prasad Subedi, executive chairman of Gorkhapatra.

Earlier, the daily had awarded subscription for upto 10 years period. The first issue under the subscription will be made available to the academy from Saturday. The subscription will be effective till July 2123, according to the Gorkhapatrra sources.