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Unpredictable disasters and preparedness

The Nepal Weekly
July 11, 2023

Despite the meteorologists’ prediction that the country would witness less than average monsoon rainfall for this year, the eastern region of the nation has already witnessed devastations caused by incessant rains. About two dozen people have died so far and equal number of people have gone missing in the incidents of disaster. More reports of property damage and threats posed by landslides, floods and erosion are pouring. People, especially those residing on the banks of rivers need to stay on alert and move to safety in the event of extreme rains that often occur in some pockets without warning. The rain triggered calamities that occurred in eastern districts of Taplejung, Panchthar and Sankhuwasabha with the arrival of the monsoon in the country show that it is not wise to stay complacent and unprepared about the potential rain disasters. In recent time, even the forecasts made by the weather experts have not proved much reliable and this has been attributed to the changing dynamics of the monsoon wind due to rising temperatures and climate change. Therefore, we need to stay well prepared to deal with monsoon disasters as the best measure the nation can follow.

In order to deal with the natural disaster related issues including the monsoon-triggered landslides, floods and inundation, we need to make necessary preparations, plans and executions The National Council for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) is undertakeing timely operations including search, rescue, relocation and rehabilitation works in this regard. The authority is also responsible for providing necessary relief aid to the concerned victims with the urgent supplies of food, clean water and medical treatment. But all this requires advanced preparations, availability of logistics and the dedication of the personnel and volunteers assigned for the disaster related works.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has underscored the need for dedication and hard work on the part of the staffers involved in the search, rescue and relief missions so that they can provide timely, quick and reliable services to the needy people. The addressing a programme in Kathmandu the other day, the Prime Minister underlined the need to make logistical and training related preparations well before the monsoon season started. This directive should serve as a shot in the arm for the concerned personnel and also a warning against the lackadaisical tendency of springing into action only when things have turned from bad to worse.